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Are you our next intern?

Our Internship Program

As part of attracting future employees and strengthening our employer brand, we offer students internships at our different departments. Every year, eight interns work at Investor. For ten weeks you will be working full-time alongside our investment people at one of our business areas, Listed Companies or Patricia Industries.

Who you will work with

We are looking for individuals who share our passion for building best-in-class companies, to work full-time alongside our investment professionals, at either Listed Companies or Patricia Industries. The internship period is 10 weeks.

Listed Companies

Listed companies is an engaged long-term owner, through significant minority stakes, in publicly traded companies. Examples of companies where Listed companies is a substantial owner include ABB, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, Electrolux, and SEB.

Through substantial ownership and board participation, we drive the initiatives that we believe will create the most value for each company. We strive to have two board representatives, including the Chairperson, in each board. Our team works actively with our board representatives in order to support the companies to remain or become best-in-class.

Patricia Industries

Patricia Industries invests in privately held companies in a wide range of industries including healthcare, engineering, financial services and technology. Our portfolio consists of companies including Mölnlycke, Permobil and Piab.

We are the only owner in our companies which gives us greater impact and full responsibility. We constantly scout the market for new companies, but the main priority is to be a great owner of our existing companies. Our team actively works with the boards and management teams of our companies to achieve organic and non-organic growth.

Meet our former Interns
Jakob and Helena

What did you do before the internship?

At the time of my internship, I was a master's student at the Stockholm School of Economics. After my graduation, I joined a small equity hedge fund as an investment analyst. Before joining Investor, I worked at a family-owned real estate company and supported them in the divestment of their portfolio

What did you get to do during your internship?

During my internship, I supported the business team of a listed company in their strategic review. Furthermore, I worked with several business teams on various short-duration tasks, which gave me insight into different business models and strategic question, but also allowed me to get to know all the coworkers

Why should I apply?

I believe that the internship offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into both high-level strategic questions that international companies face and the dynamics of the stock market. In my opinion, the best of two worlds.

What did you do before the internship?

Before my internship at Patricia Industries I interned at a Venture Capital firm in Stockholm and San Francisco where I looked at prospective start-up investments. Prior to that I worked part-time at different banks in Stockholm.

What did you get to do during your internship?

My first project was to conduct a market analysis of the chronic wound care market to investigate what new technologies could be interesting for Mölnlycke to introduce to the portfolio. I also spent time evaluating a prospective add-on investment for Atlas Antibodies. As part of this, I had to revisit high school level chemistry and biology to remind myself of the differences between a peptide and a protein. I created presentation material explaining the science behind the target company’s technology, analyzed their financials and also made an on-site visit to a laboratory to meet with researchers in the field to learn more.

Why should I apply?

Interning at Patricia Industries is a great opportunity to learn about private equity investing, how to assess an investment case as well as how Patricia Industries develops its portfolio companies. Working alongside a small but highly driven and supportive team also means you will get to take on responsibilities quickly.


  • We open our application process twice a year; in September and February.
    Click here to keep up to date and we will send you a notification as soon as we open our application process.
  • The recruitment process for our Internship is divided into three steps; application, assessment (tests) and interviews. The tests are used as a means to give us a broader and more objective understanding of a candidate. We also hope that they will give you as a candidate interesting and valuable insights as well as input to your own development.
  • We are convinced that top quality individuals with diverse minds make all the difference. However, to enjoy the work we believe some attributes to be more important, such as passion, open-mindedness and collaboration, along with an interest in strategic and financial considerations.
  • We offer 10-week internships in the spring and fall. Spring internships typically start in January or March. Fall internships typically start in August or October.

Interested in Applying?

Be sure to connect with us to be the first to know when we open our Internship application process. We look forward to connecting with you and encourage you to apply!

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